Yelp reviews:
Geoffrey N.

March 2016

I used to be a contractor in the 1990s and now work for a large commercial construction company.  I needed to do about $45k worth of work to my house in El Cerrito and didn't have the time to do it myself and needed somebody I could trust to find, run and QC roofers, electricians, painters, plumbers as well as self-perform a number of various repairs big and small.  After trying unsuccessfully to even get a call-back from a number of other contractors, on the advice of a friend I called Murray Bruce and I am very glad I did.  Returning calls/texts promptly and keeping the dust down are my highest priorities.  I find that if a contractor does these things, the cost and schedule will follow accordingly.  Murray has great relationships in the area with subcontractors that he trusts, and did the due dilligence to find additional subs if the ones we had weren't responsive or couldn't fit our timeframe.  Long story short, he managed my work very well, and gets the customer service part.  I'd recommend him without hesitation.

Edith H.

February 2016

Murray remodeled my bathroom and did a great job.  He worked to schedule, kept everything cclean, consulted with me regularly when there were questions or an opportunity to improve the design, and showed himself to be an all round nice guy.

Berkeley Parents Network review:
Wilma W.

July 2014

I highly recommend Murray Bruce for your backyard cottage project. Murray is a very experienced design/build professional. The main focus of his work is new construction and additions. But he likes to work on small projects as well. He has a real skill for creating the most out of small spaces. He created a small loft in my Berkeley home that is highly functional and also fits in with the look of the rest of the house. I am also familiar with some of his other projects where he has created a duplex out of a single home, or added on a very small in-law. The workmanship is excellent. Murray works quickly, efficiently and is tidy. I felt his pricing was very reasonable for the level of craft he provided. Murray Bruce can be reached at 510.604.1014 or Wilma